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My Ideal School App

Homework App for SCHOOL with Amazing Features


Home Work on Android Smart Phone includes Notification in real time.


School can send their messages and Communicate with all parents at a time via Announcements.

Personal school Notice

Parents can get personal notice from school about any important issue of their childern.

Get Instant Updates

School, Teachers & Parents get connected with App and School shares all instant updates to Parents.

Our vision is to connect every School, Student, and Parent.

It’s fast to set up and simple for your school to use. The app links seamlessly with existing school systems and is available for Android Smart Phone users. You get capabilities to reach your student's parent, including push notification.

School Parent Communication App

My Ideal School App is an innovative mobile app for schools and parents, that conducts the better school parent communication and provides a platform for parents, teachers, and management to connect each other. This My Ideal School Home Work App provides all way connection via Class Work and Home Work,School Annoucement & Personal Notice for parents that usually exists in the present context.

  • Easy to Use & Set Up
  • Available On Android Phone
  • Stay Organized

School Admin

My Ideal School Admin App

  • Powerful, Free App

    My Ideal School App is the simplest, least admin-intensive way to provide your school & parents with a powerful and free mobile app

  • Let Us Handle It

    Our team handles all of the initial setup, graphic design, programming, publishing to the app stores and support

  • Easy to Use & Set Up

    The app links seamlessly with existing school systems and is available for both iPhone and Android.

  • Control & Customization

    Cut down on time consuming paper-based administration between school and parents.

Parents User

My Ideal School Parent App

  • School updates & information

    Parents can get the school information. From Classwork - Homework updates to School Annoucement & Personal Notice updates

  • Everything School-related

    Now parents get overview of the activities happening in the school by tapping their mobile.

  • Daily Homework

    Homework given by subject teacher is just a click away on your mobile with due date and description.

  • Student Profile

    Displays complete profile of the student including photo, parent details, address, Blood group and emergency contact number.

Contact us - info@myidealschoolapp.com